Adream 7.6 Will Start In: SERVER STARTED!

  27 Jul 2017 - News updates

          1º Descarga de nuevo el cliente
                   2º nuevas criaturas Y boeses
                             3º  zonas de caza para low
                                       4º Reparación de errores             

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  15 Jul 2017 - UPDATE: 15/07/2017

New Update :

Open Ocellum City

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  08 Jul 2017 - UPDATE: 08/07/2017


- Fixed Promotion Npc (level 30 required)
- Fixed Zombie Spawn hole in Vinka
- Fixed Houses. You won't need premium to buy them.
- Fixed Server Info. It now shows how many players are online.

- Added "Map" in website
- Added "Vocations" in website
- Added "Quests" in website
- "Mariquitas" won't attack you anymore in Slycera
- From now on, only druids can use Paralyze rune


- Mc is allowed. 
1) You need to create a client shortcut
2) Properties -> Edit and add:  "C/.exe" gamemaster
3) Have fun!

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  30 Jun 2017 - Server Online

Server is now OPEN!

   This week:  Loot rate will be x3, have fun!

   UPDATE 01/07/2017:
   - Exevo pox hur: Reduced to mlvl 35 to cast it. 

   Enjoy our new client with new monsters, quests, zones and more!

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