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Slycera is the first city of Adream. Here you will find easy hunting places to start leveling.

From here, you can walk to Vinka and Frozen. You can also get to Drona by boat (1k).

Important Quests: La pluma, dragon quest and Aol quest.

You can also acess to Vip Island and Bael Island.


Vinka is the second city, here you will find some harder monsters.

Important Quests: La diosa, scarab amulet, anihilator quest.

From here you can travel to Drona for less money (100gp).


This is the 2nd continent. Here you will find level 35+ monsters.

Drona City is specially known for having the most intense wars.

Important Quests: Winged Helmet quest, Orhsabaal quest, Demon Helmet Quest.


Frozen is one of the most dangerous cities. Here you will find monsters for level 75+.

Important Quests: Rey del caos, Toxicus, Ferumbras mano del destino.

Vip Island:

You will need Golden Nuggets to get access to this island. You can get them by donations/killing bosses.

It is a huge island with monsters and quests like: Persefone, God Behemoth, Drakkon and even the powerful Slycerus

Battle Island:

To access you will need to visit Vinka. It is an event island to fight against other players without losing exp.

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