Adream 7.6 Will Start In: SERVER STARTED!

Server Information

Level 1-30: x20

Level 31-60: x15

Level 61-80: x10

Level 81-100: x7

Level 101-150: x3

Level 151+: x2

Skills: x7

Magic level: x5

Loot: x3


Not is legal suicide for free exp Not is legal Tasker, Bot hunt, bot atak person!

Fusion runes:

If you place runes on both hands and say !fusion they will mix in one rune with more charges.

Reputation System:

The reputation has great advantages such as selling items at a higher price, buying items like "aol" at an affordable price and many more advantages!

The reputation has various ranks:

[Unknown - Known - Popular - Acclaimed - Hero - Legendary Hero]

Note: Hero and Legendary hero have secret benefits.

How to get reputation points?

- Hunting: Some monsters will give reputation, take profit!

- Quests: Each quest you complete will give you some reputation, if you can complete them all you will unlock secret items! Note: During the game you can check how many quests you have done with the command !quest

Multi language [English/Spanish]:

During the game you can change the language if you want. This system has been implemented for Spanish players. You can change the language of INFORMATIONAL MESSAGES with the command "!spanish" or "!english".

Event - Battlefield Island

This event is for guild vs guild fights. You can also join it to fight against other random players when there's not an event going on. It is located in Vinka.

Event Details:

- Minimum level to participate is 40+

- You won't lose any level or skills if you die

- It is located in Vinka.

- You can not enter with your items. You will find the best items of the game inside the battlefield.

New fishing system:

You can use your fishing rod to get some items or even spawn some monsters from the water.

This new system is very simple but practical, fishing will be important in the game, as you advance in the story you will need some special items and sometimes you'll be surprised by strange monsters.


When you complete the game you will be able to make unique items, This will give more excitement to complete all the quests and unlock those items!

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Players: 2
Accounts: 303
Characters: 425
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